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7 Reasons Why Having a Dog at the Office is Dope


7 Reasons Why Having a Dog at the Office is Dope

1. Dogs reduce stress:

Feeling stressed? Hug a pup! Contact with pets counteracts stress by lowering stress hormones, heart rate, and fear levels.

2. Dogs bring the office together:

Feeling lonely? Sit next to a dog! Within minutes the entire office will be gathered around you, petting the little guy.

3. Dogs increase productivity:

Losing energy? Take a doggy on a walk! You’ll feel rejuvenated and engaged the rest of the day.

4. Dogs are good listeners:

Feeling misunderstood? Talk to a hound! Nothing more comforting than his eyes telling you he hears you.

5. Dogs keep things clean:

Feeling messy? No need to hire a cleaning crew when you have a puppy cleaning crew.

6. Dogs boost creativity:

Feeling uninspired? Brainstorm with a pooch! Switching up the office environment is important for a creative mind to think outside the box.

7. Dogs alleviate tension:

Feeling angry? Listen to a good boy’s two cents. There’s nothing like a woof to calm a heated meeting down.