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Ads All Around NYC


Ads All Around NYC

Working in the ad industry makes you acutely aware of all the advertising you see on a day-to-day basis. From TV spots watching the news in the morning, to subway ads that you have to read as a captive audience to and from work, to sponsored posts you see scrolling your Instagram, and that banner ad that just won’t let you forget what you left in your shopping cart—it’s all around us, and I can’t help but think about each one. What was in the original brief? Why did they choose this particular illustrator? How is the campaign performing?


Here are some campaigns that have jumped out at me recently:




I have always been a fan of StreetEasy’s witty tone and playful illustrations. Their recent outdoor campaign cleverly connects an NYC audience with relevant scenarios and the key benefit of the apartment’s location. We’ve all been there in the maddening search for the perfect apartment, and one of StreetEasy’s differentiators versus other real estate sites is actually showing you the exact location, along with tons of other useful search filters. It makes me want to play Goldilocks and find an apartment that is just right!



As not only a new brand but a category shift from traditional pharmacies, Capsule has to work to explain what it is and its benefits. After some initial ads that were criticized for being off-putting, they have evolved their campaign to depict texting scenarios that illustrate their top-notch customer service while bringing to life situations where someone would benefit from this service. And you can just hear the conversations that must’ve occurred around a conference room table to insert the brand name in the CTA… “’What’s your pharmacy?’ Say, ‘Capsule.’” 



Seamless is one of those services we can’t seem to live without in New York, that’s so ingrained in our lives that it feels like a huge loss when we go to another city and don’t have 200+ restaurants ready to deliver to your doorstep at a given moment. Seamless’s campaign plays up stereotypes of each neighborhood, making New Yorkers feel like they’re part of an inside joke that out-of-towners just don’t get, with just the right amount of New York snarkiness.



While Casper’s ads have been around for a while, they stand out to me as clever and fun for subway riders. In a “Where’s Waldo” style, train riders identify objects within a detailed and artistic illustration. It’s unclear if counting elephants at a ballroom dance will make people want to actually buy a mattress. But just maybe they’ll think about a new mattress at night as they’re counting sheep, wishing they had another illustration and pies in the sky to count.



Key copying isn’t anything I’ve thought twice about, that is until I started seeing ads for KeyMe all over the city. These ads have a sense of humor that make you want to read every headline in the subway car. And personally, I would seek one out if I ever needed a copy of my key.


A common thread here? Innovative companies and startups that don’t take themselves too seriously and connect directly with their audience–often with NYC-specific reasons why their brand is relevant.


What have you seen recently that’s caught your attention? Tell me about it! Email me at