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Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 10/01

Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 10/08
Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 10/01
Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 9/24

"I am, as a father, very worried about the growing evidence of the impact of social media on children’s mental health.”- Matt Hancock

Government Implementing Limits for Social Media Use ►
The government is creating the first official guidelines on the maximum amount of time young people should spend on social media.

Kavanaugh Hearings Sends Message to Teens  ►
Teens are becoming more aware that what they say on social media lives forever.

The US has Drastically Decreased Healthcare Investment  ►
The US now ranks 27th in the world for its levels of healthcare and education.



Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 9/16

"This is a standards lottery.”- Sharon White

3 Ways to Make a "Killer" Healthcare App 
HIMSS Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Steve Wretling put forth three underlying components needed for healthcare’s killer app.

Conference Set for 2019 to Regulate Social Media Content 
When it comes to unmoderated content, companies might be fined for a failure to address it quickly.

Walmart is Bringing its "EDLP" Program to its Healthcare Department 
Walmart is working to make drugs and services cheaper at the store.



Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 9/09

"This is what the internet was created for.”- Facebook Commenter

Social Media Helps Teens 
New report: Most teens say social media makes them feel better, not worse, about themselves.

Fake News About Hurricane Florence Is Flooding Social Media 
National Hurricane Updates—a Facebook page with over 250,000 followers—was the worst culprit.

Apple unveils Watch Series 4 with FDA-approved ECG 
Feature will be available to US customers later this year.


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Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 9/2

"I look forward to our conversation about the work we’re doing to help protect the integrity of US elections..."Jack Dorsey

What's the Future of Healthcare 
New research study highlights innovations and priorities for the future.

Overview of This Week's Tech Hearings 
Twitter and Google under fire for election micro-targeting.

U.S. Charges North Korea in Sony Cyberattacks 
U.S. also alleges that the North Korean hacker broke into the central bank of Bangladesh.


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Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 8/26
Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 8/20
Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 8/12
Your Digital Week in Review- w/o 8/5

"What's important about what we've found is that you can do very simple things to change prescribing and make prescribing safer."Jason Doctor

Instagram is the New Personal Ad 
The account, @_personals_, has created a new dating community for the LGBTQ community.

Immigrants Forgo Healthcare Services  
In reaction to a new policy proposal, immigrants fear that use of public healthcare will reduce chances of citizenship.

Prescribers want to Know if Patient has Overdosed 
A letter is being sent to prescribers to make them aware of their patient's opioid abuse.

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Your Digital Week in Review- week of 7/29
Your Digital Week in Review- week of 7/22

"Burger King is joining the fight toward financial equality between men and women..."Caroline Judelson

Pharma & Healthcare Social Media Trends 
Research shows that there is an increased adoption rate of social platforms.

How Washington is Hurting Med Tech  
A repeal of medical device tax will increase medical technology innovation.

Burger King's "Pink Tax" Campaign 
New campaign geared toward raising awareness for gender inequality.

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