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Do Right. Wear a Mask.


New York Presbyterian PSA

“Do Right. Wear a Mask.”

Just three months into the pandemic, New York was feeling the full effects of COVID-19. Our clients, New York’s #1 Hospital, were at the epicenter of it all. We created countless “Thank You Heroes” ads that filled newspapers. We  even took over Times Square. But we knew we had to do more than just say thank you for the people who were keeping us safe.

The day after the ban on filming in NYC was lifted, we proactively put on our masks and turned on our cameras. We captured an idea that spoke in an honest, compelling, and non-polarizing way about why New Yorkers should wear a mask. We brought this proof-of-concept film to our clients and were gven the funding to properly finish our PSA. We are most proud of the fact that this film became a morale booster for the hospital’s staff on the front lines.

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