Brands have the power to change the world for the better. And it’s our mission to make it happen through creativity, strategy, technology, and collaboration. We specialize in delivering an array of services for our clients, including brand identity, campaign and content creation, brand strategy, planning, data/digital analytics, and targeted media placement.
Strategy &
All great creative campaigns begin with solid planning, a tight strategy, and the data and analytics to back it all up every step of the way. That’s what we’re here to do for our clients.
Media Planning
& Buying
Every great brand story needs to be seen and heard by the eyes and ears you want. Our media gurus combine hardcore data and market know-how to ensure everything we create delivers an undeniable ROI.
Creative &
We pride ourselves on creating efficiently produced, high-quality content that lands your
brand story, stands out from the crowd, and gets real results.
Matt Seiden
President, CEO
Matt is the founder and agency CEO. While working on iconic haircare products at Clairol and cookies at Nabisco (two experiences that he loved), Matt realized that he wanted something different- he wanted to work with brands that truly made a difference in the world. Hence, the idea of creating a mission driven agency was born. Matt is so proud of the agency that continues to dynamically evolve, and the client partners who he gets to work closely with.
Jon Sayegh
Chief Creative Officer
Jon is a writer, director and iconic brand builder with over two decades of global experience delivering award-winning campaigns for A-list clients such as P&G, GlaxoSmithKline, Allergan and AARP - to name just a few. As managing partner at Seiden and hands-on creative lead, Jon is on a never-ending mission to make ideas that actually matter for brands that matter. Simple as that.
Alaina Paciulli
Director of Integrated Media & New Business
Alaina leads our media planning and buying teams with over two decades of experience. She is a “Jane of all trades” with broad expertise in all digital and traditional media. As managing partner at Seiden, Alaina brings expertise in healthcare service, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and B2B marketing. Alaina built a team of result driven experts who are passionate about finding new and innovative opportunities for our clients.
Kati Schultheis
Director of Account Services
Kati develops and maintains strong client relationships with a mix of Midwestern niceness and a relentless drive to deliver. She works hands-on with clients to develop their brand strategies and execute multi-channel campaigns down to the details. Kati is a homegrown talent, having been at Seiden for most of her career after meeting Matt at their shared alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis.
Jessie Anderson
Senior Account Executive
Prior to joining Seiden, Jessie dually served as a forensic autopsy facility manager and US Army Drill Sergeant. During her valiant endeavors, she gained deep knowledge of Business Development, and eventually made the big switch to Omnicom and the world of advertising. Jessie brings her enthusiastic can-do attitude to every brand she touches, not to mention her hands-on experience in public relations, marketing and financial services.
Jess Conahan
Integrated Media Planner
Jess is the Integrated Media Planner which means she’s responsible for helping plan and buy across all types of media — oh and, keeping everything organized. Jess is constantly up for a challenge, especially if it involves the incredibly difficult task of petting all the dogs that come into the office.
Stephen Feinberg
Steve Feinberg turns copy points into images and words and events that people care about. Steve has created award-winning and business-changing work for P&G, AT&T, General Motors, and Continental Airlines.
Gino Gianneschi
Executive Creative Director
Ciao! Meet Gino. Seiden’s Executive Creative Director. A real renaissance man who brings heart and soul to each of his projects.
Gino has created global campaigns for a wide array of beauty, fashion and wellness clients. His passion is telling the stories of brands that are making a real difference in our world.
Gennady Gómez
Director of Digital
Hello World, this is Gennady! He is Seiden’s Director of Digital Strategy, which means he’s in charge of helping our clients leverage digital tactics to effectively meet (and crush) campaign goals. While digital tools and platforms come and go, learning how they impact human behavior is always quite insightful.
BJ Kraska
Senior Digital Project Manager
Say “hey!” to BJ. He is the agency’s digital producer, managing the creative process with web and video developers to ensure that what you see out there in the digital world meets and exceeds the client’s, and Seiden’s, standard. Having a background in art and copy editing, he serves as an additional set of reliable eyes to have everything in its place before it leaves Seiden’s doors.
Drew Levy
Media Analytics
Drew helps deliver strategy & optimizations for digital campaigns by uncovering deep insights and trends. His passion for storytelling and problem-solving shines through in his reporting and detailed analysis. In essence, he cuts through the bullshit. Before working with Seiden, Drew applied his digital know-how and analytically-based approach to many high-growth industries, helping businesses up their overall marketing and advertising efforts.
Fran Massaro
Office Manager
Meet Fran! She is Seiden’s Office Manager of 25 years! When clients come to Seiden for a meeting, she always makes them feel welcome and at home. When she greets you at the door, she is always up for a good story about the Mad Men Days of advertising.
Hannah Naccari
Senior Account Executive
Hannah joined the Seiden Account Services team in May of 2021. Prior to Seiden she was part of Omnicom Health Group where she gained experience in both Business Development and Account Services. She brings in a broad background ranging from public relations, marketing and financial services, along with energy, enthusiasm, and a can-do attitude.
Eva Ng
This is Eva Ng. Eva is our controller and has been responsible for all the financial and accounting operations of our business for the last 23 years. TWENTY-THREE. Which means that not only is she an out-and-out Seidenite and a wealth of knowledge about history, but she knows where all the bodies are buried.
Joe Pernice
Creative Strategist
Joe is a writer, director, and strategist who loves bringing ideas to life. He’s had the opportunity to work for amazing brands, on award-winning campaigns, and was featured in Business Insider’s 30 Under 30 list of Most Creative People in Advertising. If there is a story to be told, Joe’s mission is to find the best way to tell it.
Ethan Sawyer
Digital Designer
As Seiden’s digital designer, Ethan creates the look and flow of every interactive design we produce, including the website you’re on right now! Since starting out as a multimedia journalist for one of E.W. Scripps’ internet news start-ups, Ethan has thrived on the thrill of multidisciplinary discovery and innovation. His core skill set lies in creating visual content for interactive mediums, but that hasn't stopped him from bringing to life laminated beauty catalogues, machine learning microprocessors, and even a couple royalty-free music albums. A die-hard advocate for media literacy and a lifelong student of ludology, he’s published feature length articles covering social media propaganda, games as news, and even the real logistics of maintaining larger-than-life fictional worlds. In his off-time, you can catch the multimedia enthusiast rollerblading through Manhattan and racing up mountains!
Jovan Sekulovski
Production Artist
Meet Jovan! He is Seiden’s Production Artist which means he takes the approved creative concept and designs it so each layout fits across all media. He’s a master at all Adobe programs, knows 3D design, and is always up for a good chat about the Philadelphia Eagles.
Zeus Sepulveda
Lead Editor
Zeus started his editorial career in the advertising world. While developing editorial operations for the newly formed production department at Grey New York, he quickly became the lead editor for Canon, eventually editing the Cannes award-winning “Rebel with a Cause” campaign. Zeus enjoys working on long form content, crafting docu-style stories, and collaborating with his clients to bring abstract concepts to life.
Kristen Vinges
Integrated Media Supervisor
Meet Kristen! She is Seiden’s Integrated Media Supervisor which means she is responsible for planning and buying across all media tactics. She has the memory of an elephant, which means she’s always on top of deadlines and campaign launch dates!
Lizzie Young
Assistant Media Planner
A little about myself, I am a born and raise Queens girl! I graduated from the University of Tampa in May 2022 with my Bachelors in Advertising and Public Relations. More than half of my college career and my internship was done during COVID-19 and it was during the initial lock down that I decided to transfer from St. Francis college in Brooklyn and make the move to Tampa to receive a degree more specific to what I wanted to do. Once I graduated, I moved back to New York to begin my job hunt. I was hired by Alaina to be Seiden’s newest Integrated Assistant Media Planner in November 2022!
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